A Roof for Dignity – New Project!


“A Roof for Dignity” is a new initiative started by Arielle Matthey and Ognyan Enev. This project is fully supported by the foundation “Health Care Trust Nederland”. The goal is to buy land and to build in Pondicherry a new, one-story facility for the Mahatma home for the aged. Specifically designed for the needs of the elderly people the new housing will be able to shelter around 30 residents. Such a new, privately owned property will provide long term security and more sustainability to the whole project by substantially cutting the rent and maintenance costs that weigh on the current situation.


The amount needed for this project is 165 000 Euro (194 000 USD). The funds will be managed by the Swiss Association « UN TOIT POUR LA DIGNITÉ » (“A Roof for Dignity”) which was established specifically to support this initiative. Arielle already received donations worth 10 000 CHF, so the first big step towards the final goal is made.

How to Support

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donate via bank transfer:

Banque cantonale Neuchateloise
Place Puri 4, CH-2001 Neuchatel, Switzerland
IBAN CH3200766000103588715

Receiving organisation Association:
     Chemin des Ruedebins 4, 2088 Cressier NE, Switzerland

Credentials and References

For your reference, you can download the following PDF documents (French spoken)
The credentials of the project’s bank account:  Identité bancaire
The Constituating Assembly for the Association:  Assemblée constitutive Septembre 2020
The Constitution of the Association:  Statuts de l’association
Thank you for your support and kindness!

About Arielle Matthey and Ognyan Enev


“I’m a swiss nurse, with a specialization in palliative care.

Image: Arielle Matthey with Tailamal

Since a few years, I’m working as a volunteer in the community of Auroville, near of Pondicherry.  Once, I had the opportunity to discover Mahatma Gandhi Home.  I fell in love instantly with these old ladies.  They are so grateful despite the hard life they had.  Later I shared their daily life during a 3-day trip we organized with Royal in the mountain,  it was totally insane and so joyful at the same time!  Since then, I decided to support that beautiful project. “

 Ognyan Enev with Royal

Ognyan: ” I graduated psychology from the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski and later took classes in film and theater. As a freelancer for the Bulgarian National television, I worked as an assistant director and wrote and directed several documentary film projects. When I changed my line of work, I co-founded one of the first tea salons in Sofia— an alternative spot for tea, slow food and art. During one of my trips to India I visited the Mahatma Gandhi Home and was so moved by the unique atmosphere there, that I decided to come back and shoot a documentary and to support the project in being more self sustainable.”

On Filming “Saints of Pondicherry” 

” I went to Mahatma Gandhi Home with friend of mine Victor Popov who is a professional cameraman. For two weeks, we were going every day to the home to film the daily life of residents and supporting team of caregivers. “

Filming for the documentary. From left to right: Victor, Ogy and Royal.

“One thing that was very unexpected and surprising to observe for me was that not for a moment I felt the presence of desperation and death in the overall mood of the house and the second thing was the way the local community participates and supports the life of the home, exchanging communication, creating positive emotions and providing food and a small amount of money in some cases.”

– (Ogy Enev)