The Residents



Kamala is 73 years of age.

Her son is a heart patient and very poor, and he is not able to care for himself or his mother.

She was 68 when she found a place under Royal’s and Albert’s care.



Saraswati came to the Home 3 years ago on the request of her neighbours.

Her husband died and she has no children. She was left to fend for herself and to beg.

The neighbourhood came into action and asked Royal if Saraswati could be admitted.

Her beautiful smile speaks for itself.

She is 87 years old.



Valliamal is 72 years old and is in the home only 10 months.

Her husband had passed away and as she has no children she had to start begging to survive.

The neighbours moved by her plight asked Royal for her admittance.

She has a gentle presence and she is grateful to be where she is.



Indrani came to the Home in 2011 on the request of the police.

She was found begging in the streets of Pondicherry.

She is 80 years old.



Shanti is 73 and almost blind.

2 years ago the police asked Royal to take in Shanti. She was in a pityful state begging for scraps.

Now she gets 3 meals a day, a shower, a soft bed and all the care she needs



Mangiyarkarasi is 85 years old and is in the Home since 2010.

Because she has had many strokes she is half paralyzed. Her son is unable to take care of her because of the handicaps and asked Royal to care of his mother.

They made the arrangement that Royal takes care of his mother while the son of Mangiyarkarasi will pay all the regular medical expenses of all the residents of the Home.

Mangiyarkarasi is very happy to be in the warm atmosphere of the Home.



Sarashwathi came to the Home 3 years ago after her son in law refused to take care of her.

She is 64 years of age.

In her eyes one can see the trauma’s left behind by being pushed on the street by her family



Veerutambal is one of the first residents of the Home.

She came 9 years ago after her husband died. And as she has no children she started begging next to the temple in her village.

The villagers asked Albert to assist her.

She is 90 years old, and she has a lot of humor.



Rajamani is 72 years old and came to the Home in 2009.

The neighbourhood asked if she could be admitted as she has nobody who cares for her.

There is a gentle wisdom about her.



Tailamal comes from the village Veeraman which is close to Pondicherry.

She is in the Home since 2011 after the villagers asked Royal to take her in.

Tailamal is 98 years old and she has 2 very old sons who could not take care of their mother any more.

Tailamal has a fierce spirit and makes a strong impression whenever one visits the Home.



After Komalavalli’s husband died the neighbours asked Royal if she could be admitted as she has no sons who can take care of her

She is in the Home since one year.

She is aged 81



Vasanthi came to he Home 7 years ago after her husband and son died.

As she is only 64 years old she is assisting with the daily running of the Home.

Helping with the cooking and the cleaning.