Helping poor and destitute women

There are many elderly women in India who are poor and live alone. They are widows or have been abandoned by their husbands.. They do not have money for food, medical care and other basic necessities.

Many are too old or are physically weak and thus unable to work. They are forced to beg, and are often homeless.

Albert Zwaan who lived in Auroville Tamil Nadu was moved deeply by their plight. And in 2006 created a home which offers care, food, shelter in a loving environment for 20 people.

Here is where about 20 women are sheltered, cared for and regain their dignity .

Albert managed because of his charismatic presence to attract donors and funds to keep the home running for all these years. Last year Albert passed away and since his departure the funds are slowly drying up.

At the moment the home is run by Albert’s adopted son Royal and a team of good and caring people.