Shooting a Documentary

From the 20th to the 30th of March, our Bulgarian friend Ogy Enev has been shooting footage for a documentary about the Old Age Home.  Michiel went to Pondicherry a few times to take photographs of the filming process to supplement Ogy’s visual material.


Together with residents and staff, daily activities and routines have been filmed. Besides some special events,  daily Indian life in and around the neighbourhood have also become part of the raw material.

Sharing meals together and doing excercises, a visit to the neighbourhood temple, the monthly new moon rituals, sponsor visits, nextdoor girls getting their hair braided before going to school and the milkman bringing fresh milk to the old age home in cannisters on his moped.


Camera man Viktor is responsible for the video takes,  Ogy Enev is the director and took care of the sound and supervised the general content for the movie.

Viktor (L) and Ogy (R)

The documentary will also have interviews and conversations with various people like Royal and with Anamika who was visited in her pottery studio.


Depending on the final product, the documentary will not only be used as a living document but may also serve as an instrument to raise funds for the Old Age Home.